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APCO Park One actualizes your idea of brilliance with a sense of purpose, focusing on detail-oriented hard work and professionalism. Park One envisages sophistication as a lifestyle. An elegant mix of comfort and innovation, a bulwark of design and development. Fostering huge progress in the consolidation of mercantile and private engineering, Park One is bound to be the masterpiece of the metropolitan lifestyle. APCO Group was established in the early 1990s and since then has been constantly dedicated to unparalleled excellence in the real estate development. Anchored by a solid plan and complemented by a tangible strategy, it is on the track to fulfill its vision. It is a name that not only seeks possibilities, but also creates them with its vision to satisfy the evolving demands of a varied clientele. Builders, in some respects are like conductors of symphony orchestras. To be successful in achieving their goal they must be concerned about the mechanical, structural, electrical, landscape and interior aspects. APCO is highly concerned about various sensitive elements such as sound lighting, high quality maintenance of architectural materials, plumbing and engineering which are all knitted together to achieve the excellence which is APCO’s aim.


With 12 floors of top-notch residences and 4 floors jampacked with entertainment, Park One gives you the perfect, elegant lifestyle you deserve. The definition of luxury is presented by blending in entertainment, expression and retail with residential apartments. Movie theatres, shopping outlets, fitness and beauty facilities, dining and event venues—Park One has it all. This project is an archetype of excellence and successful design.

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