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About Blue World City

Located near the Chakri Interchange, Blue World City Islamabad is one of the most exotic Housing Societies being designed and constructed in collaboration by Pakistani and Chinese housing corporations. It is near both Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and is being build alongside the new Islamabad Airport and the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.
Based on a unique thematic infrastructure, this project has multiple features and it is now known as the essence of what the future is likely to offer. The Blue World City design sets this project apart from all other housing societies in Islamabad. This means that it is more than just a Housing Scheme; it is a comprehensive project including multiple theme parks, shopping malls, and cultural complexes.
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Blue World City Islamabad Location

The BWC is located on the main Chakri road in MozaSihal. Apart from main access from Chakri Road, the BWC is located at the edge of Lahore – Islamabad Motorway enjoying close proximity to the CPEC route, New Islamabad International Airport, and the Chakri Interchange. The developers of BWC are set to develop this project on more than 60000 Kanals which has enough room to create access from all major roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in the future.

Features of “Blue World City”

• Prime location
• Affordable prices and easy installment plan
• Diverse communities
• Health and Educational facilities
• Modern Infrastructure
• Replica of Blue Mosque
• Resorts

Why BLue World City Covered Area

Before any investment, every person has to go through a lot of thought process. But this is a society that you do not have to give a second thought while investing. One can understand easily that the location of Blue World City is in a prime location.

Why BLue World City Payment Plan

The 40 monthly payment plans for General Block of Blue World City is attached as under:

Plot Size Rack Rate Discount Price Down payment
40 monthly Installments 08-Half Yearly Installments
5 Marla 1,290,000/- 990,000/- 99,000/- 11,138/- 55,688/-
8 Marla 1,600,000/- 1,265,000/- 126,500/- 14,231/- 71,156/-
10 Marla 2,000,000/- 1,520,000/- 152,000/- 17.100/- 85,500/-
1 Kanal 3,000,000/- 2,800,000/- 280,000/- 31,500/- 157,500/-
2 Kanal 5,900,000/- 5,400,000/- 540,000/- 60,750/- 303,750/-

The 4 years payment plans for Farm House of Blue World City is attached as under:

Plot Size Total Price Down payment 40 monthly Installments
4 Kanal 7,200,000/- 720,000/- 100,000/-
8 Kanal 12,150,000/- 1,215,000/- 175,000/-

The 4 years payment plans for commercial Plots of Blue World City is attached as under:

Plot Size Total Price Down payment Conformation (with in 30 days) 16 Quarterly Installment
5 Marla 6,000,000/- 600,000/- 300,000/- 318,750/-
10 Marla 12,000,000/- 1,200,000/- 600,000/- 637,500/-

The 4 years payment plans for Overseas Block of Blue World City is attached as under:

Plot Size Discount Price Down payment 14 Quarterly Installments
7 Marla 1,350,000/- 135,000/- 71,719/-
10 Marla 1,900,000/- 190,000/- 100,938/-
14 Marla 2,500,000/- 250,000/- 132,613/-
1 Kanal 3,500,000/- 350,000/- 185,938/-
2 Kanal 5,600,000/- 560,000/- 297,500/-

The 4 years payment plans for BWC Awami Apartment of Blue World City is attached as under:

Total price per marla price Down payment confirmation 40 Monthly Installments 8 Half yearly Installment
5,94,000/- 198,000/- 59,400/- 34,600/- 7000/- 27,500/-